Our offer
Bucéphale Operational Performance est un cabinet de conseil spécialisé dans l'amélioration de la performance opérationnelle et économique.
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Our offer

To generate savings, to optimise the processes and to perpetuate the results

To set up a good business strategy is good. But even the best strategy is nothing if it is not supported by its operational implementation. Consequently our main 3 objectives are : to generate concrete savings, accomplish operational earning and perpetuate these results.

We assist all sized companies with complex transformations which have an impact on the organisation, on processes and on IT systems. Each of our interventions is conducted by a team of professional experts and specialists in change management.

How we improve the competitiveness of companies

We carry out economic performance projects

  • We optimise spending within each business unit
  • We optimise spending with action plans throughout the group (pooling of resources, massification, synergies…)
  • We optimise the cost structures of manufacturing systems or investment projects
  • We develop financial performance in operations, systems or investments. (P&L savings, avoided costs, cash flow management)

We run operational performance set up

  • We improve the efficiency of the organisation of each department of the company
  • We develop productivity in both the production and service processes (by a lean approach)
  • We simplify complex processes by redesigning uncontrolled processes.
  • We rethink the structure of the expenses of every activity/subsidiary (synergies of resources and competences, outsourcing costs and pooling expenses with a third party)

We manage the transformation

  • We define and control the trajectory of the transformations
  • We manage values and risks by setting up key performance indicators
  • We adapt the process to the business and to the
  • We link the Business Case of the project to the P&L
  • We manage the change by mobilising and enhancing all parties
Our technical experience

We optimise the costs

Bucéphale Cost Management

The cost of a system, or equipment, represents an increasingly important part of the overall cost of a product or an offer. Establishing cost effectiveness and understanding total costs needs methodology, data and business coordination in order to enhance a realistic approach from which an optimisation can be achieved.

As a result of our extensive experience on many consultancy assignments, we have developed an expertise, a know-how and a tool (Cost SniperTM) which allows us to:

  • Establish and analyse the cost structure of a system, a product or an investment
  • Determine true margins
  • Identify the main cost drivers source of productivity gains
  • Optimise a technical solution or a manufacturing method (improvement of industrial productiveness in some parts of the process, simplification of the technical solutions, Redesign To Cost, renegociation of costs, supply chain improvement)
  • Simulate process and manufacturing costs in several regions (Should Costing)
  • Define realistic targets and efficient action plans with our clients and also with our clients’ suppliers
  • Ensure suppliers guarantee a result
  • Manage the cash flow and develop the profitability of the Business Case
  • Change the way of working between the main departments of Engineering, Purchasing and Finance and to introduce a new cost culture in the company

We optimise purchasing

Bucéphale Sourcing

Today, purchasing departments are known by General Management for their strategic importance and the added value that they bring. By being proactive and operating transversely their responsabilities and operational presence are increased.

Even when the buyers are highly trained and professional, they often seem to suffocate from everyday issues and thus struggle to deliver real added value. The purchasing organisation has to be reviewed and adapted to face new challenges. The collaborative purchasing process between participating departments must be effective and the earning potential better explored.


Bucephale supports your purchasing teams from strategic purchasing approach to full operational set up by developing levers for:


Increase performance and profitability of the Purchasing Department thus allowing :
  • Gains in productivity by focusing the procurement departments on high value added activities
  • Efficiency of collaborative process, in particular the relationship between issuers and buyers
  • Strengthening of monitoring and of reporting, allowing the entire organisation to share and understand the purchasing performance
  • New relationships with suppliers changing from market price logic to shared value concept
Improve process operational efficiency
  • By favouring the collaborative steps directly inspired by Lean Management and accompanying the change to align the major participants in the same understanding of the right purchasing challenges and purchasing performance levers
  • By aligning IT systems on purchasing process and strategy
  • By restoring agility in purchasing process
  • By optimising flow and process (P2P)
  • By developing collaborative processes, flow efficiency and productivity (Lean approach)
  • By outsourcing operational processes


Establish best practices and deliver savings
  • Improve knowledge on expenses and cost structures
  • Develop purchasing expertise and share best practices
  • Settle performance evaluation and earning calculations in the central nexus of communication and engagement of the Purchasing Department
  • Identify and select the best suppliers
  • Deploy best cost-reduction levers: LCC Sourcing, Supplier performance improvement, supply-chain, Redesign to Cost…
  • Promote synergies or potential pooling opportunities

We optimise the Supply chain

Bucéphale Logistics

Problems of administration and organisation, business processes and IT strategies are among the main concerns for Management Teams. Supply chain control is a prequisite within an organisation for performance improvement. Issues appear when you find inconsistency between administration and the supply chain model. Global coherence between these two factors leads to a better supply chain transformation process.

Comprehensive information systems will then support this change by :

  • Readjusting procurement functions and supply chain (governance and organisation)
  • Aligning processes and IT systems
  • Adjusting demand management and planning
  • Redefining suppliers role on the value chain and control the risks
  • Removing operations or unnecessary material
  • Upgrading logistic and transport operations, reducing operational costs of the supply chain

We optimise the process

Bucéphale Lean

The industrial performance improvements that we carry out at our client’s shop floors or at our client’s suppliers have 3 purposes: to reduce manufacturing or product lead time, to increase quality and to reach optimum cost.

The issue is straightforward: to work on all aspects to enable reengineering of products or systems, to achieve free-flowing production process and to bring suppliers into a partnership mind-set where cost transparency leads to an improvement in value.

Based on strong methodology and effective tools, our approach is rational and based on facts and can be described as follows:

  • Estimating economic challenges by our expertise and our cost modelling tools.
  • Identifying the areas, operations or bills of material which show the best improvement potentials
  • Setting up Kaizen workshops using the full range of Lean Six Sigma tools (VSM, 5S, SMED…)
  • Simplifying the added value chain, standardisation, eliminating waste
  • Training teams and teaching them to seek improvement
  • Implementation and tracking real savings
  • Creating a continuous improvement throughout the company in order to make it more “agile”

We motivate cost management


The Finance function tends to fall into three issues: cost management, monitoring performance and cost savings. The ambition of Bucéphale is to support this function as a main player in our client’s performance improvement process. We also want to make sure it creates cash visibility and a disciplined capital allocation process. The finance function should establish appropriate measures and controls to truly understand performance and focus improvement efforts in the right areas. To this effect, the finance function has to have a proactive role in cost engineering of the projects to enhance the margins of the products and activities.

Bucephale works alongside the finance functions in order to:

  • Contribute to manage costs
  • Be a major driving force in the reduction of costs
  • Help design methods and tools based on the best business practices, thus achieving and sustaining operational excellence (management rules, cost accounting statements…)
  • Drive and improve investment allocation process

We develop analysis and assessment tools

Bucéphale Analytics

Success in a mission requies structuring tools, so we have developed two sets of tools specifically aimed at optimising the relationship with suppliers by improving transparency, facilitating the exchanges between clients and suppliers and controlling the risks. We have also created three performance tools in order to manage industrial costs, optimise purchasing raw materials and to identify profits.

Our tools :


  • Cost Sniper™ : Should costing tool to determine precise cost assessments
  • ArRow™ : Raw material purchase optimisation tool
  • SAS™ : Supplier Relationship Management tool
  • Fin Tracker™ : Financial liability of suppliers tooling system
  • Entraxe™ : Potential earnings evaluation tool
En savoir plus sur nos outils
Our methodology

1 - Situational Analysis

We collect data to insure a good understanding of your needs and challenges.

2 - Diagnosis

We analyse the structure of the organisation through all practices and levers (organisational, technical and economic).

3 - Action Plan

We define the best strategy to implement efficient organisation and sustainable savings.

4 - Improvement

We monitor improvement and performance processes for each function within your business.

5 - Sustainability

We train your teams to achieve lasting results and to increase management efficiency

6 - Satisfaction

100% satisfied customers, why not you ?

Our references

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