Our tools
Bucéphale Operational Performance est un cabinet de conseil spécialisé dans l'amélioration de la performance opérationnelle et économique.
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Our tools

5 tools dedicated to economic and operational performance

As a mission cannot be a success without structuring tools, we have developed a set of tools with specific areas of performance. Two operation performance tools aimed at suppliers to improve transparency, to facilitate the exchange between clients and suppliers and to control the risks. We have also created three performance tools in order to manage industrial costs, optimise purchasing raw materials and to identify profits.

These tools have evolved through years of experience on our assignments and can be customised to meet our client’s needs. By transfering our tools, we offer a full set of services and best practices that address the major issues that businesses face today. These tools are used during and after our assignments.

Our economic performance tools
Cost Sniper™

A Should Costing tool to determine the real costs

Founded on years of experience, Cost Sniper is the result of our thinking on cost breakdowns. We have built a large data base on product or system cost structures that allows us to:


  • Simulate a system of cost structure regardless of your manufacturing region
  • Standardise the way to use different manufacturing components
  • Determine optimisation opportunities for buyers and engineers
  • Establish a negotiation plan
  • Drive specific actions and change the way of seeking to make savings
  • Assure business case profitability


Yielding on average 10% margin for our clients



Raw material purchase optimisation tool

Improve commodity purchase, secure market risks, align risk management on our client’s strategy; ArRow is our mathematical tool to simulate stock prices, hedging and commodity futures contracts. Easy to handle and use within purchasing or finance departments. ArRow allows us to:


  • Analyse raw purchase consumption
    • Separate raw material share from manufacturing products
    • Raw material consumption progress
    • Simulate what post gain could have been by hedging the supply process
  • Quantify future risk potential
    • Simulate raw material consumption
    • Simulate commodity market evolutions
    • Determine price volatility
  • To choose the accurate financial tool based on the risk


Potential earnings evaluation tool

Entraxe is a method and a potential earnings estimation tool based on many years of experience and benchmarks. From the assessment of purchasing methods to potential savings simulations, Entraxe™ enables a “Top Down” approach to define:


  • The maturity levers for optimisation
  • The relevance of optimised levers by cost segments
  • Economic projection through our benchmark data base
Our operational performance tools


Supplier Relationship Management

SAS allows us to maximise P2P key step processes; from the qualification of a supplier to contract deployment through tender management and supplier assesment. The tool allows suppliers to update their own data, get access to their tender results and all authorised information.



  • SAS supplier relation and supplier management
    • Supplier referencing
    • Repository (supplier base, purchase categories, kpis…)
    • Supplier performance evaluation and action plan
    • Contract library
  • Procurement
    • Forecast and planning
    • Brochure, orders, deliveries, cost analysis
    • Order traking, delivery status, copy of receipt, shipping notification, invoices and balance sheet
  • Paperless invoices
    • Removal of paper invoice process
    • Streamline supply and accounting process
    • Avoiding errors and delays

Fin Tracker™

An anaylising tool of the financial liability of suppliers

Companies need reliable suppliers. The annual financial evaluation of suppliers operated by purchasing departments is carried out to establish a strategy to reduce the risk of failure regarding the suppliers:


  • Does the supplier present a risk of bankruptcy ?
  • Is the supplier too close and dependant on your business ?
  • Does the supplier need to be monitored and watched in the possible event of a disengagement measure ?


As evaluation is often conducted on several hundred suppliers, analysing their financial statements is time-consuming and requires financial expertise that purchasing teams don’t always possess. Easy to operate, Fin Tracker™ helps with :


  • Establishing supplier global rating
  • Establishing risk profile
  • Setting up negotiation levers

This is in order to :

  • Select stable and sustainable suppliers
  • Secure financial relationships
  • Maximise costs and contractual terms
  • Monitor buyer’s commitments