Bucephale Technologies
Bucéphale Operational Performance est un cabinet de conseil spécialisé dans l'amélioration de la performance opérationnelle et économique.
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Bucephale Technologies

Innovative tools for industry

Bucéphale Technologies develops tools that provide a technological breakthrough with the existing systems and improve industrial performance. Building on years of experience and data collection in specific areas of maintenance and quality control, we have assembled a team of experts and developed solutions that detect structural malfunctions and anticipate damage.

Our ambition today is to become a leading player in these technological fields, which are becoming key to the development of industries. We have all the assets for this: solutions that offer a competitive advantage, a recognized technological lead and industrial know-how that we mobilize to improve our customers’ operating methods and the quality of their controls


DFinder : a tool for checking the integrity of objects and structures

DFinder makes it possible to automate the integrity control of objects and structures.

It is aimed at all sectors where objects and structures are subject to wear and tear, such as aeronautics, naval, renewable energies, automotive.

The advantages of DFinder

Integrated sensors

Integrated multifunctional sensors allow the object to be controlled throughout its life cycle while reducing its downtime.

Miniaturized solution

DFinder uses miniature micron sensors, optoelectronic solutions, graphene-based nanotechnologies, innovative materials combining solid and gel.

Fully automated

Triggering, signal analysis and diagnosis are automated via optoelectronic and/or software automation.

Easy to use and easy to use

DFinder can be easily used by any type of operator (via smartphone or tablet) with the possibility of actions by an expert.

Portable interface

The lightweight and wireless interface (max 2.5 kg) can be used in any working environment: on the tarmac of an airport, on a boat...

Economic gains

DFinder rationalizes the full cost of maintaining and immobilizing the object (no loss of revenue).

Technical equipments
Optoelectronic technologies
non-destructive testing
ageing simulation
electromagnetic sensors
robotics and automatisation

Our references

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