Bucéphale Operational Performance est un cabinet de conseil spécialisé dans l'amélioration de la performance opérationnelle et économique.
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Immediate savings, sustainable growth

Bucephale is a consulting firm specialising in the improvement of operational and economic performance. We offer a service for companies of all sizes, helping them to achieve operational performance and quantifiable savings leading to immediate improvement in working methods and profitability. We support our clients in this transformation by providing thoughtful insights into key business challenges and enhance best practices on an ongoing basis.

Our consulting process

1 - Situational Analysis

We collect data to insure a good understanding of your needs and challenges.

2 - Diagnosis

We analyse your organisation, your practices, your commercial, technical and economic levers.

3 - Action Plan

We define the best strategy to implement efficient organisation and sustainable savings.

4 - Improvement

We monitor improvement and performance processes for each function within your business.

5 - Sustainability

We train your teams to achieve lasting results and to increase management efficiency.

6 - Satisfaction

100% satisfied customers, why not you ?

Our Motto
Todays profits are tomorrow’s investments and after tomorrow’s growth
What our customers have to say about our services

Our strength

We cover the entire performance-improvement process : recommending strategic plans, implementation of strategies and achieving savings.

Our approach

We believe that the real challenge in performance-improvement is that the process is ongoing. Our recommendations and their implementation always take this into consideration.

Spirit of sharing values

We share our knowledge and views, we train our customers with tools that we develop in order to help to improve performance.

Driven by pragmatism

The strategy is nothing if it is not implemented; efficiency is the aim. Our added value is noticable and our results are quatifiable.

Our experience

With 15 years of consulting experience, we have an excellent understanding of the global challenges facing companies and possess the best leadership qualities needed to manage complex international projects.

Our commitment

We are pragmatic and flexible to ensure our clients generate quick wins in the short-term while setting the foundation for long-term sustainable improvement.

Our areas of intervention
Aerospace / Defence

Aerospace / Defence

Telecom / media

Telecom / media

Our references

  • ATR
  • Méditel
  • Alstom Power
  • Exoes
  • DGA
  • dcns
  • Delphi
  • 3A
  • Gemey
  • Société Générale
  • saint gobain
  • renault
  • Liebherr