Case studies
Bucéphale Operational Performance est un cabinet de conseil spécialisé dans l'amélioration de la performance opérationnelle et économique.
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Case studies

1 – Cost analysis of a wind turbine
The client request

Our client wanted to understand the cost structure on the South American market of a wind turbine model, they were looking to:


  • Establish a detailed cost structure using an efficient tool
  • Identify potential productivity earnings
  • Set up an action plan with suppliers
  • Define an internal transformation plan
  • Train engineers/buyers on use of a specific tool
Our approach
  • Presentation of our Should Costing tool : Cost Sniper™
  • Organisation of cost structure workshops
  • Build a value stream study for each part of the wind turbine
  • Carry out a broad survey in the country gathering all kinds of data (labour cost, energy, …)
  • Establish the manufacturing cost structure of each component, of all raw materials, the full inventory of corresponding machinery and cycle times, identify SG&A and supplier’s potential profits
  • Establish a collaborative process between Engineers/Buyers/Finance
  • Training on use of our tool
  • Drawing up the transformation roadmap
    • Planning improvement actions and change management actions required to align the organisation with the project’s targets
    • Impact analysis
    • Profit overview and follow-up of the savings
  • Implementation of long term progress objectives
Our results
  • Definition of an action plan for each supplier with a targeted goal of 18 % savings
  • Transformation of the organisation and the way of monitoring the project
18 %

Targeted savings

2 – Optimisation of committed capital
The client request

To support the significant growth of their distribution platform, a major company in the food industry wants to invest in a new transitic system. The solution proposed by their usual supplier exceeds expected costs and appears to be very complex.

The finance and logistic directors gives us 3 month to :

  • Define an easy and efficient conveying solution
  • Build a new renegotiation plan and renegotiate the investment with the supplier
  • Reduce numbers of wood pallet defects, sourcing extra maintenance and handling costs
Our approach
  • Mapping of logistic flows
    • Cost base review and scope definition
    • Value Stream Mapping
  • Pallet defect decrease
    • Defect identification and financial issue quantification
    • Corrective action definition
  • Transitic system re-engineering
    • Benchmarking study
    • Functional and value analysis
    • New structure definition
    • Technical approval from the supplier of the new system definition
  • Competitive bidding
    • Definition of the functional specifications
    • Setting up tender process
    • Sourcing suppliers
    • Technical coordination
  • Negotiation
    • Comparative cost breakdown analysis
    • Rounds of negotiation
    • Risk analysis and technical solution trade off
    • Recommendation
  • Contract set-up
Our results
  • Profit of 38 % on the initial budget: 20 % by re-engineering and 18% by supplier negotiation
  • Original supplier partnership maintained
  • 69% packing defect rate reduction
  • 3 full time equivalent savings
38 %


3 – 3 – Investment plan assessment and Make or Buy action plan
The client request

Our client, focused in the field of nuclear energy, launches an investment plan in order to triple production capacity over 15 years and up-dating the machinery. We are asked to provide guidance on several options.


In order to achieve this, we have to define the core business, identify parts and manufacturing operations. With these defintions, we will establish the criterias for the right way forward and good investment.

Our approach
  • Concept of what is the “industrial core business”
  • Parts and operation mapping
  • Definition of necessary machinery investment
  • Multiple impact analysis (social, technical, operational…)
  • Supplier market analysis for outsourcing parts
  • Risk and know-how analysis of suppliers for the insourcing parts
  • Action plan on financial potential due to outsourcing
  • Building a team dedicated to the decision-making (resources, key participants and decision-making)
  • Coaching teams for action plan deployment
Our results
  • Refocusing operations on industrial core business by outsourcing lesser parts and by bringing in internally strategic parts handled by some suppliers.
  • Redirecting investment plan on new technology and competitive industrial know-how.
  • Defining new production areas and industrial performance improvement
  • Development of new industrial expertise development on parts to be produced internally
  • Supplier risk decrease
  • Remove supply chain sticking point
  • 15% savings on investment budget
  • Large savings on outsourced parts
15 %

savings on investment plan

4 – Aircraft equipment optimisation project and service operations
The client request

An aircraft manufacturer asks us to :

  • Develop a transport aircraft equipment optimisation project
  • Clarify and upgrade flat rate cost structure on maintenance
  • Develop a maintenance offer

Target : optimise standard spare equipment supply and repair service.

Our approach
  • Saving identification diagnostic with using our Entraxe tool
    • Cost base review and scope definition
    • Data collection,(contracts, agreements, weight factor)
    • Meetings with buyers and prescriptors
    • Review of levers by area with persons in charge
    • Benchmark study on certain families of purchase
  • Establich action plan for optimising and transforming standard and spare parts
  • Sourcing action plan deployment over 15 months
    • Identifying supplier/preparing files / Contact and consultation
    • Supplier selection process : mandated, already identified
    • Preparation of tenders and translations
    • Analysis and recomandation for supplier selection
    • Supplier Audit
  • Redesign to Cost action plan deployment for passenger seats
    • Elaboration of the functional specifications
    • Redesign to Cost workshops with suppliers
    • Definition of a new structure
    • Dynamic qualification of new passenger seats
  • Spare parts price benchmarking and redesign sales catalogue
  • New maintenance network development in the United States and Asia
Our results
  • 14 % savings on targeted scope
  • A new Purchasing organisation
  • New maintenance network in the United states and Asia
  • New commercial strategy on spare parts
14 %

savings achieved

Our references

  • ATR
  • Méditel
  • Alstom Power
  • Exoes
  • DGA
  • dcns
  • Delphi
  • 3A
  • Gemey
  • Société Générale
  • saint gobain
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  • Liebherr